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Hi, I’m Kara!

There’s probably very little you actually want to know about me on this page so I’ll make your time spent reading this stuff quick and entertaining.

Education: kindergarten was awesome - I was spectacular at it. I studied to teach fine arts to kids k-12 (not while I was in kindergarten). I have two degrees from the best culinary school on earth, The Culinary Institute of America, in both baking and pastry and business management. I graduated at the top of my class both times. Even read Dr. Seuss to the crowd as the graduation speaker while 5 months pregnant. I study psychology with an incredible clinical psychologist and it impacts all I do. Again, none of this was while I was in kindergarten.

I am an avid learner seeking all the techniques and methods to create all the ideas that flit into my mind. Once they grab hold of my heart, it's off down the rabbit hole I go.

Experience: I made amazing art in kindergarten, better than my classmates and I think I might have told them so on at least one occasion. I spent half a year in lower Manhattan working with arguably the best cake designer on earth. It was the best and worst experience ever. (Experience Manhattan this way at least once in your life.) I’ve run my own multi-six figure businesses since 2014 teaching first cake art; then baking science; business development and business growth; training budding and established creatives and entrepreneurs in mindset and lifestyle.

The best parts of me: I’m a Harry Potter nerd (wands up witches!), extreme cat enthusiast, average knitter, aspiring hand lettering master, bird and squirrel aficionado, and chaos witch to the depths of my soul. I’m also pretty damn good at cake art and everything else creative that I get my hands on... and I love to share and teach all I know with you.

What you NEED to know about me: I'm a teacher in my bones, a creative in my soul, a rebel in how I look at everything in the world including art, I'm sweary, barefoot often, and am little-kid-on-christmas-morning excited to have you with me in this creative space. There will be squealing. And clapping. And encouragement poured out on you in oodles like you have never experienced before. So get comfy with awkward and enthusiastic oodles. Now go subscribe so we can start shenaniganizing!